Green Chutney Recipe-How To Make It Right [Step By Step]

Image of Green Chutney

Today I am going to share the green chutney recipe with my readers. This side dish is a perfect blend of mint and cilantro combined with some ginger, green chilies, and spices, all of which combine to add an enticing taste and flavor.  “Diversity” is one thing that separates India cosine from the rest. In India diversity … Read more

Mirchi ka Salan-How To Make It Right [Step By Step]

How to make mirchi ka salan

Today, I will share with my readers my mother’s step-by-step recipe for Mirchi ka salan. As an avid foodie, since I am vegetarian, I love eating vegetable biryani. But my tummy is never satisfied unless I club my biryani with sides. And Mirchi ka salan is an ideal side dish to have with biryani. This awesome … Read more