Toor Dal Khichdi Recipe: Easy Step By Step Guide

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Toor dal khichdi recipe is among India’s most beloved comfort meal recipes. Every country has its comfort meal, which is popular among the general public because of its health advantages or simplicity of preparation. Toor dal khichdi is vegetarian, satisfying, cheap, and most significantly, it contains all of the required nutrients in a single meal. … Read more

How To Make Gobi Paratha: The EASIEST Recipe Ever In 2021!

Image Of Gobi Paratha

Gobi Paratha is a very popular form of Indian bread. In today’s post, I shall be showing my readers how to make this dish in the easiest way possible. During my last visit to India, I happened to eat at a Dhaba, the most delicious gobi paratha ever! Since then, I have wanted to master … Read more

Kanda Poha Recipe: With 2 POPULAR Varieties | A Definitive Guide

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Kanda poha recipe is a popular Maharashtrian dish made using poha, which is beaten or flattened rice. Kanda refers to onions in Marathi, and hence you may already have got an idea about the primary ingredients of the recipe. While poha is highly beneficial for health, which we will discuss in detail below, incorporating moderate … Read more

Paneer Butter Masala : Ultimate Recipe Guide For 2021

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala more than a dish is a feeling for me. The mere thought about it brings me joyous memories of visiting the Punjabi Dhaba with friends during my college days. I fell in love with the Dhaba style paneer butter masala the moment the first bite of roti dunked in the flavourful gravy … Read more

Sheera Recipe | Sooji Halwa |How To Make It [Step by Step]

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My sweet tooth has a special knack of being obsessed with highly flavorsome sweets. Suji ka sheera is just one among them. Today I will share with my readers an easy sheera recipe. Sheera, which is also called as halwa is not only popular in India but also in many parts of the world, especially … Read more

Homemade Pani Puri Recipe: How To Make It [Step by Step]

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Being a street food buff, my taste buds always yearn for yummy pani puri. I am sure even your taste buds are tinkering as I utter the word pani puri, Isn’t it so? Today I will share pani puri recipe with my readers and trust me, it is super easy and simply irresistible!  Pani puri is … Read more

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe: How To Make It [Step by Step]

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Today I am going to share the dabeli recipe with my readers. This snack is also referred to as Kutchi dabeli or double roti. This dish is a well known Indian Street Food which originated from the Kutch province of Gujarat. Kutchi dabeli essentially has soft buns of bread loaded with spicy, zesty potato filling and flavorful chutneys. This … Read more

Amritsari Chole Recipe: How To Make It [Step by Step]

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Panjabi cuisine is my favorite. Today, I am going to share the Amritsari chole recipe with my readers. The recipe that I am sharing today is the traditional recipe I learned from my mother. Chickpeas cooked in a rich, dark gravy of warm spices and flavorful Amritsari chole masala. This dish is very popular in Panjabi cuisine. … Read more

Fruit Custard Recipe: How To Make It [Step by Step]

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Summer is round the corner and this is a season when my tummy craves the most for refreshing desserts. Is it just me or even you feel the cravings for desserts 🤔? Today I am going to share my fruit custard recipe with my readers. This dessert is easy to make and healthy at the … Read more

Onion Pakoda Recipe |How To Make It [Step by Step]

Onion Pakoda Recipe

Today, I am going to share the onion pakoda recipe with my readers. Onion pakoda is a very popular Indian snack dish that can either be eaten with tea or with chutneys like the green chutney or sweet tamarind (imli) chutney. It is served commonly as an appetizer or a starter dish in the restaurants. Monsoon evenings are best … Read more

Chilli Paneer Recipe-How To Make It Right [Step By Step]

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5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Today, I am going to share chilli paneer recipe with my readers. Chilli paneer is a very popular Indo-Chinese dish which can be eaten either dry or with gravy. It is served either as an appetizer or as a main course dish in the restaurants. Chilli paneer tastes simply amazing … Read more

Garlic Chutney Recipe|Lehsun Chutney|Vada Pav Chutney

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Today I am going to share the dry garlic chutney recipe or the lehsun chutney recipe with my readers. It is a sauce which is made out of simple ingredients like garlic, coriander powder, chili powder and cumin powder. This sauce requires no cooking, all the ingredients are suppose to be griended. Dry garlic chutney is most … Read more

Green Chutney Recipe-How To Make It Right [Step By Step]

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Today I am going to share the green chutney recipe with my readers. This side dish is a perfect blend of mint and cilantro combined with some ginger, green chilies, and spices, all of which combine to add an enticing taste and flavor.  “Diversity” is one thing that separates India cosine from the rest. In India diversity … Read more

Masala Papad Recipe- Quick & Easy [Step-By-Step Guide]

Masala Papad Recipe

Today, I am going to share masala papad recipe with my readers. Masala papad is a very popular snack one can munch on. It is often served as an appetizer or a starter in restaurants. Moreover, many restaurants in India, specifically the punjabi restaurants and even here in USA serve masala papad for free. I … Read more

Veg Pulao Recipe|Easy Step-By-Step Guide [Quick & Healthy]

Vegetable Pulao Recipe

If you love eating rice just like me and if you want an alternative to biryani, let me share with you my mother’s veg pulao recipe. Pulao, otherwise also known as pilaf or pilau is an awesome assortment of flavorful long-grained rice, vegetables, and spices. I am sure even your mouth is watering as I utter … Read more

Mirchi ka Salan-How To Make It Right [Step By Step]

How to make mirchi ka salan

Today, I will share with my readers my mother’s step-by-step recipe for Mirchi ka salan. As an avid foodie, since I am vegetarian, I love eating vegetable biryani. But my tummy is never satisfied unless I club my biryani with sides. And Mirchi ka salan is an ideal side dish to have with biryani. This awesome … Read more

Vegetable Biryani Recipe |Easy and Healthy [Step by Step]

Vegetable Biryani Recipe

As an avid foodie, nothing has tempted my taste buds more than a well-cooked vegetable biryani. Doesn’t the word veg biryani tempt your taste buds? 😉 Well, I am sure it does and boy it does good. The vegetable biryani recipe that I am about to share today comes from my lovely mother from whom I … Read more